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Fannie Mae - 97% LTV

Fannie Mae requires less money down! 

Saving enough funds for down payment and closing costs is the primary barrier to home ownership for most first-time buyers. To expand home ownership opportunities for buyers looking to reduce the amount of cash required for their closing costs and down payment, Fannie Mae recently introduced their 97% LTV (loan to value) product, and we are proud to offer this product to eligible borrowers! 

  • This product is available for standard purchase and limited cash out refi’s (existing Fannie Mae loans only) 
  • At least one borrower must be a first-time home buyer 
  • Borrower’s income, assets, credit, and collateral must meet program guidelines

97% LTV sample scenario

 *The Sample Scenario reflects an estimated rate that is listed for illustrative purposes only and does not reflect current market rates or conditions. 720 credit score & 28% DTI. 

**Reflects MI factor of 1.1% 

***Monthly Payment includes estimated taxes/insurance/HOA dues of $333.00.

Call me! Let’s talk about this exciting new product! 

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