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Flipped Property Finance Options

Looking to purchase a FLIPPED property?

We know the ins and outs of guideline requirements for flipped properties, and by managing the appraisal process in-house, we make sure that additional appraisal requirements are handled as efficiently as possible.

We offer the following finance options for flipped properties:

Conventional financing for properties seasoned < 90 days (2nd appraisal may be required) 

FHA financing for properties that have increased in value by more than 100% and are seasoned between 91 and 180 days (lender - paid 2nd appraisal is required) 

Keep in mind the following:

  • For FHA, a seller must have held the property at least 91 days. 
  • Seller must be on title at time of sales contract. 
  • If MI (Mortgage Insurance) is required on a conventional loan, most MI companies require at least 90 days seasoning. 
  • Borrowers must meet credit, income, and asset requirements, and the property and transaction must meet all of our guidelines - check with me for more details. 

Call me to learn more about the finance options available for flipped properties.

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