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Jumbo - Medical Loan Program


We can help! Ask about our exclusive home loan programs for medical professionals.

As a medical physician or dentist (or newly licensed and in residency) you have unique financial circumstances and housing needs. Within your profession, large amounts of student loan debt are common, and employment earnings can vary wildly from residency to practice. Additionally, as you begin to earn more income and start to look at homes with higher sales prices, you may find yourself looking at loan amounts that exceed conforming loan limits and require more specialized financing. All of these issues can make for a confusing and difficult home buying experience.

We take time to learn about your needs and circumstances in order to connect you with the right loan - for your situation – with the right rate that fits with your overall financial goals.

We offer a broad range of products including:

  • Loan-to-Values up to 95% are allowed for properties with sales prices up to $894,700. 
  • Loan-to-Values up to 90% are allowed for properties with sales prices up to $1,665,000 . Student loans that are deferred for more than one year DO NOT have to be counted as part of your debt-to-income ratio, which can help you qualify for a larger loan amount.
  • Monthly Mortgage Insurance* payments NOT REQUIRED.
  • Income from a new job can be used for qualification as long long as you are scheduled to begin that job within 60 days 
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