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Meet Dave Cook

Denver, CO Mortgage Loan Officer: Dave Cook

Dave Cook was born in Buffalo N.Y.  In 1997 he moved to Syracuse N.Y.  During his seven years there he attended college and then started his career in the mortgage banking industry.  In March of 2004 he moved out to Colorado with his wife April.  

People know Dave loves his job, they can tell that when they work with him.  Every day he gets up and is excited about going to the office and serving his clients.  The biggest reason he says is because he enjoys working with customers and making the dream of owning a home come true.  Dave says "there is nothing like seeing the excitement in a person's face as they sit at the closing table about to receive the keys to their new home!"  

With extensive experience in residential mortgages, you can be assured he has the necessary knowledge and tools to put you in the best loan possible.  In the all years he has been in this business he has never had an unhappy client.  Many lenders have deals fall apart at the last minute, but this has never happened to Dave.  This is because he takes the time to do his homework and make sure he has all of his bases covered.  Both his realtors and clients know they can count on Dave because he has never let them down, and has always provided the best possible service.

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